7 Common House-Maintenance Mistakes You Could Be Making

 A house is a lot like a living thing: It’s great when the systems are firing on all cylinders, but when something isn’t right, it lets you know. According to a recent survey commissioned by Liberty Mutual Insurance, one-third of American homeowners (34 percent) have faced an unexpected home repair of $5,000 or more. But the truth is that for each of those all-too-avoidable catastrophes, there was a symptom that likely went ignored. “Most of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make revolve around what they are not doing,” says celebrity designer, HGTV personality, and Liberty Mutual Insurance consultant Chip Wade. “Neglecting routine home maintenance and ignoring signs of deterioration often cause permanent damage that ends up degrading the value of your home.” Learning to properlymaintain your home can eliminate a lot of the guesswork involved in its upkeep. Here, Wade outlines seven of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make when it comes to their homes—and how to avoid making them in the first place.

1. Failure to winterize properly. “Often, homeowners overlook their sprinkler systems when the cold months hit and leave water in the lines,” says Wade. “When

7 Design Resolutions to Start 2017 on the Right Foot

 If, like most Americans, the weight of 2016 has put you in the emotional negative, now’s your chance to achieve the balance you crave. Every new year brings with it the promise of clarity, an overwhelming sense that your best self is attainable and that you have the motivation to make it happen. But where to begin? You can resolve to improve your health or prioritize your career—lofty goals, indeed—but you’d be surprised what a little housekeeping can do for your soul. Start by identifying all the projects you’ve been putting off for a rainy day and mastering them one at a time until they’ve all been checked off your list. Need to organize that closet? Carpe diem, my friend. Been meaning to refresh your living room for aeons? Today is as good as any. Here, we’ve rounded up seven projects to tackle in 2017. You’ll be impressed by how much lighter you feel—both physically and mentally—once your home becomes as uncluttered as your mind.

Reinvent your closet. Getting your wardrobe—and where you keep it—in order can not only help you

5 New Kitchen Trends for 2017

 We kick off each year at the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, exploring the latest introductions from top brands and designers that will refresh your home. From innovative materials to color and hardware trends, there is no shortage of new ideas to take away and apply to your own kitchen or bath. Whether you’re ready for a renovation or just craving a quick fix for an old room, find inspiration in the most exciting trends that caught our eye at the show.

Matte BlackTrade in typical chrome, bronze, or stainless-steel finishes for sleek matte black, seen on everything from faucets to outdoor kitchens and window finishes. Clockwise from top: Free-standing outdoor kitchen made with Dekton by Cosentino for Brown Jordan, brownjordanoutdoorkitchens.com; Vettis closed-spout single-handle sink faucet by Brizo, brizo.com; contemporary casement with matte black hardware, and detail of hardware by Marvin, marvin.com

Industrial TouchesTextured knurling details give a modern, craftsman-like quality to faucets and hardware. Knurled lever industrial lever handle by Brizo, brizo.com, and Italian Campo U-spout lavatory faucet by ROHL, rohlhome.com

ColorWhile gray dominated color schemes last year, bright hues are in for 2017, as

Tips to Choose the Right Wooden Floors for Homes

A house that has both children and pet can get messy at times. Children have the tendency to spill things and pets often nibble at carpets and other things. When you have a fully tiled floor or the one that has only been cemented, it could lead to a problem for both your children and pets.

Flooring is essential for any house. While some people go for the conventional styles, others often tend to experiment with it. But, if you have children, you have got to go for the right type of flooring. The safest type of flooring that you can get to ensure the safety of your children is the wooden flooring.

Why is Engineer Wood Floors?
One of the top reasons to go for engineered wood flooring is that it is safe. It gives an earthly appearance to your house. This type of flooring is a great option if your child has the tendency to roam around barefoot in the house.

Getting hardwood flooring done from a competent and good company will give your house the makeover it needs. Also, professionally engineered hardwood floors are innovatively crafted to make them resilient to climatic changes, chipping and scratches as well.


Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Floor Tile Installer

It takes only little to spoil the installation of tiles. A slightly misplaced tile might cause the damage of the entire project. Even the wrong grout can lead to the failure of the project. The mistakes caused during the process of tile installation are pretty difficult to cover up and if you have to fix them, you might have to rip up the entire flooring.

A majority of the floor tile installers are talented and hardworking. However, home improvement seems to the topmost source of complaint. Your goal is to find out the best tile installer for your project. Here are some things that you need to avoid when you are looking for a tiling installer.

Be Careful of the Big Box Stores

Big home centers are busy with customers all day long and they usually do not have any idea on the recent methods of installation and people who have an idea regarding such techniques. It is better to go to a tile store which works side by side with the contractors, architects, installers, and designers. This is because they tend to have more experience in working with a qualified installer.

Do Not

All You Need To Know About Drains and Plumbing Mishaps

Drains are usually considered as a vital part of our day to day life and must be noticed right away if found clogged. Choked drains can occur sporadically anywhere and are a common sight in homes. Every person is well aware that there are times when these uncertainties cannot be prevented and need to plan for plumbing mishaps.

Without any delay, one must give a call to the certified experts Plumber Los Gatos to avoid becoming it a disaster. Here are a few frequently asked questions by numerous homeowners and answered satisfactorily by prominent plumbing experts for you.

  • What is the reason the sink makes a “Gurgling” noise when the toilet is flushed?

It usually occurs in the case of plumbing ventilation issues or a block prior the drain is vented properly. Whenever such issues are reported, it is recommended taking up professional plumbing services.

  • How to get rid of the foul smell from the garbage disposal?

Running the disposal for 30 seconds after putting ice cubes into it will help to get rid of the buildup of food debris on the disposal blades. Do not miss to run cold water after this. Feel free

Easy tips for the clearance of your flat or small apartment

Living in a small apartment or a flat has its own unique advantages and the disadvantages make no exception too. One of the greatest of them is the little space for storing and hoarding objects, and in most cases, there is no such place at all. You have to improvise some storage corners or racks, or to keep hoarding useless objects on visible places. None of these is optional when you seek for the flawless cleanliness and freshness of your flat. That’s why you need to do some home clearance once in a while or after the big maintenance of the house that should take place every year. If keeping old and useless objects like newspapers, broken or malfunctioning objects for just in case, then definitely the small apartment will become even smaller. Not to mention all the other common mistakes and issues that you can come across, such as keep storing objects on inappropriate places. The direct sunlight, the high humidity, the stuffiness due to the lack of fresh air – they all can cause molds and other issues with the objects you are hoarding. Not to mention that a wide array of insects and pests get

Tips for Creating a Home for Aging Owners


Add grab bars. There are many stylish models for the bathroom that look like a towel or shampoo rack but are sturdy enough to support 500 pounds of weight if properly installed, says Chrysanne Eichner, a senior occupational therapist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. You can also add grab bars by the top or foot of the stairs.

Replace doorknobs with lever handles that are easier to open.

Increase lighting and replace toggle switches with either a dimmer or a rocker switch.

Think about color contrast. If you have stairs, place reflective tape at the edge of steps so you can see where each one ends. Use a brightly colored bath mat so you can see where you’ll be stepping down after bathing.

Make a decision about your throw rug, which can present a trip hazard. Secure the rug to the floor with double-sided tape, throw it out, or hang it on the wall as a tapestry, Ms. Eichner suggests.


Home Renovation for the Golden Years

Home renovations often center on upgrading the kitchen cabinets or selecting a new paint color for the bedroom, but as long as you are at it, a well-thought-out redesign might also include modifications to help you stay in your home as you grow older.

These alterations can start with simple things, like installing a grab bar in the bathroom or replacing doorknobs with lever handles. But if your budget allows for an entire kitchen or bathroom overhaul, it’s best to think about how you physically may change in the years to come and plan accordingly, said Heather Brin, the principal architect of Aging in Place Architecture in Port Jefferson, N.Y.

“These renovations are all about maintaining independence,” Ms. Brin said. “So if you have back pain now, then it’s smart to think about getting pullout shelves to minimize bending.”

Take Chandrakant Sheth of Woodside, Queens, a retired engineer and television repairman. At age 81, he has kept healthy with daily walks and is proud that he moves along at a faster clip than his 50-year-old

Tips to Repaint Stained Walls

Paint is an interesting design tool. It adds color and depth to indoor environments and can help create optical illusions that make rooms look larger, smaller, wider or narrower. Paint can make dingy rooms look clean and brighten dull corners. Paint can even mimic the look of stone and other textured materials.

Painting is one of the least expensive and most effective updates you can make before putting your home on the market. It’s also an easy do-it-yourself project. If you’ve seen rooms with really poor paint jobs, you’ve discovered one thing that paint can’t do. It can’t prep a surface to make it paint-ready in one easy step. Yes, there are paint-and-primer-in-one products that make the process easier, but if a wall is badly stained, grimy, greasy or slick, paint either won’t adhere or won’t provide good coverage. That doesn’t mean stains can’t be painted, they just have to be carefully prepped first.

Once the smell and most of the yellow are gone and the wall has had time to dry thoroughly over a day or two, prime and paint as you would normally. Enamel paints and primers (oil based) can be a hassle to

Tips How To Keep Your Floors Shining

You might have dreams of adding some hot tub like comforts and remodeling the toilet. A garden bath with fixtures that are cozy, luxury tile and pulsating jets come to mind. And perhaps even a heated flooring. Many individuals are considering radiant-heated floors due to that additional degree of spa-like relaxation. You should understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of these kinds of heating systems, prior to making a decision about a heated flooring OKC expert. Here is a brief run down on the principal kinds of systems and the advantages and disadvantages for using such a heating system.

You will find two primary kinds of radiant-heated floors. The first is electrical, which supplies heat. The second is hydronic, which supplies heat through water. The tubes can be warmed in various ways using kerosene, petroleum, gasoline or solar power. Unsure which to pick? Request your local HVAC professional for his or her guidance. If you’re adding the entire house and heated floors, there are some definite positives to radiant-heated flooring. There’s nothing like placing your feet on hardwood floors that are warm and waking up on a chilly morning. Radiant-heated floors additionally take up no additional space. Use

The Best Way To Determine Cost for A Foundation Repair

The manner of a price for Foundation Repair in Tulsa, Oklahoma is established and dependent upon the number of damage, leveling and underpinning process, substance, and quantity of piers needed for appropriate support. To get an approximation that is accurate generally needs a comprehensive basis review that can last from half an hour to several hours according to the construction.

According to Level Up Foundation Repair, “Soil in the land moves!” Foundations under houses exhaustion and strain over time when the earth composition causes the house to become from degree and changes beneath the basis. The three degrees of foundation damage are structural, functional and decorative. Aesthetic damage normally shows up with the interior sheet rock ceilings and walls and gaps in the exterior brick. This can be quite upsetting to your homeowner whose home is their biggest investment. These aesthetic cracks will typically prompt a homeowner to take actions and call a base repair business decide what if any repairs should be done and, most importantly the repairs will cost and to scrutinize the basis.

When the basis gets distorted brickwork and the framework get distorted and from degree. Practical damages generally need underpinning or piers correct the distorted regions

Are You Ready For Summer Plumbing Maintenance?

Summer is just the right time to get the septic system scrutinized. Warm temperatures and ground make plumbing effortless to accomplish. Moreover, summer is also the time to use the outdoor sprinkler systems. To circumvent issues like causing backups in the sewer system through water seeping through cracks at the time of heavy storms and to ensure everything is functioning adequately, hiring specialized services of a professional plumber is always worth.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

  • Hire specialized plumbers serving in Los Gatos to have the septic system inspected on a regular basis.
  • Keep track of stoppages and times between them.
  • Plan timely sewer main snaking in the case of tree roots causing frequent issues.
  • Pump the septic system when required. As the plumbing experts during scrutiny.
  • Remove any tree with problem roots to circumvent plumbing issues in future.
  • Clean entrenched sprinkler system heads to ensure proper functioning.

In the case of lawn irrigation system, do not miss to scrutinize for the signification of leakage or damage prior to start using it. In addition, the garden hoses should also be checked for any damage, as they usually dry rot or crack during winters, leaving them susceptible to leaks. Even though the use of

How To Take Care Of Your Bed Sheets

High-quality bed sheets are expensive; therefore, you should take good care of them. To help you out, here are tips that you should follow to take care of your sheets:


For the sheets to retain their nice look for a long time you should wash them regularly. You should avoid using bleach as it can easily damage the fabric. If you want to brighten the units you should use ¼ lemon juice instead of bleach.

You should do the washing with lukewarm water that is less than 104 degrees F. If you are using a washing machine you should set the wash cycle on “gentle” as the sheets are usually not dirty. To reduce wrinkles you should remove the sheets as soon as the cycle is over.


If it’s possible you should dry the bed sheets on an outside clothesline that isn’t under direct sunlight. If it’s impossible to dry the units outside of the home, you should use a clothes dryer. To reduce the damage brought about by high temperatures, you should set the dryer to low heat. You should avoid over drying in order to avoid wrinkles.


Tips to Select the Right Home Builder

One of the most essential options you will make in constructing a customized house is selecting the best builder for the project.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when hiring a home builder:
Knowledge and experience. How long has the home builder been developing customized homes?

How much experience does the home builder have in the property developing industry?

Does the builder actually have hands-on experience or does he mostly act as a manager counting on sub-contractors for skills and trouble-shooting? Is the builder Accredited and a part of any Building Associations?

Popularity.  One of the methods of finding out about a builder’s reputation is by verifying with regional brokers.  Possibilities are that if the builder has been in business for a while most brokers in the place will be acquainted with that builder.  Another more apparent way is to get house owner sources.

Ask the builder to offer you house owner sources; ask the house owner if they would suggest that builder to family and friends. Ask if they got well-timed guidance about style thoughts, development and successful alternatives. Ask if service calls were managed in an appropriate and expert manner. Ask

5 Design Ideas That Will Increase Your Property Value

When it comes to selling your home, everyone knows about the importance of curb appeal. But according to real-estate experts, small updates can be made inside that are less costly and time-consuming than an exterior overhaul but will still increase your odds of fetching a good selling price. We turned to Jennifer Titus, a real-estate agent with Compass who works in the competitive Boston market, for her tips. Some changes take five minutes, some are weekend projects, but all of Titus’s ideas are likely to deliver a high return on your investment by wooing buyers and increasing your property value.

Make a big first impression
There’s no better way for a guest to be greeted than with a statement-making decorative chandelier, says Titus. “It’s eye candy, but it also brightens up a space that tends to be underlit and underdecorated.”

Kick the bathroom vanity to the curb
A great way to refresh a home is to switch out boxy (and often timeworn) vanities with sleek cast-iron white pedestal sinks, says Titus. “The bathroom will feel bigger, fresher, and more modern.”

Refresh kitchen cabinets
“One of the highest returns on value for a small money investment

Types Of Water Filtration For Your Home

Water is vital. We use it to drink, cook and clean with. Of course, we want the best for our families and that’s why having clean water is so important. It impacts the health of all those who enter.

Do you stop to consider where your water comes from? This all differs on where you live, but tap water is treated with chemicals to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants. Some of these chemicals, however, you may not want in your body when you reach for a glass of water. If you’re ready to take control of what’s coming into your house, see a few water purification options for your home.

What’s In Your Water?

While you may be comfortable drinking water directly from the tap, depending on where you live, you could be ingesting harmful materials. You might not be able to taste or see it, but your tap water can contain chemicals, bacteria, debris and more from your municipality. Here are few contaminates you can find in tap water according to the EPA:

  • Chlorine
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Nitrate
  • Viruses

Water Filtration System Costs

The best way to eliminate unwanted chemicals and contaminants from the water is

Ultimate Guide To Adding Value To Your Home

Whether you’re a senior looking to sell your house in the near future or are looking for practical updates that will make it more appealing to buyers later on, there are all kinds of ways to increase your home’s value. Some changes can be made quite easily by homeowners themselves, and certain projects will take no more than a weekend to complete. Other updates are better left to a professional, be it due to safety precautions or special training that’s required to do the job. This guide will discuss the best value-boosting modifications to consider for your home so that when the time comes to sell, you’ll get the highest return on your investment.

Keep in mind that every homeowner’s needs will be different, and you may want to ask a real estate agent or local interior designer to evaluate your home. They can offer valuable insight on the areas of your house that would best benefit from an update, as well as when to preserve the integrity of a particular style of home, some modern renovations may detract from a colonial home’s appeal, for instance. Getting personalized advice about how to best add value to your

Contemporary Home Decor Ideas

If you were to describe your ideal style, what words would you use? Sleek, simple and bold may imply that you have a more modern taste in home décor. Contemporary home décor is a great foundation for almost any style. By incorporating contemporary accessories, you can give any room in your home a trendy feel.

Many homeowners are scared of the price tag when it comes to modern home décor. However, by choosing the right accessories, colors and finishes, you can have affordable modern home décor. Here are a few tips to help you get the style you want in your home.

For a truly modern style, you may be considering a remodel for a new look.Contact a remodeling pro today for up to four quotes from contractors in your area for free.

What Is Contemporary Style?

Not to be confused with modern décor, contemporary incorporates the look of what’s trendy in unique and interesting ways. It’s often defined by straight and clean lines, geometric shapes and open spaces. Often, the focal points of contemporary style is the unique artworks and accessories in the room. The room color is white or gray, making it

Tips to Decorate Your Home for Spring

When you think of spring, what comes to mind? Colorful pastels, floral arrangements and green grass is what many think of. After a cold winter, these are welcome signs that warm weather is on its way! However, you don’t have to limit your excitement of spring just to the outdoors. Brighten up your home with colorful spring décor.

From floral patterns to springtime scents, you can have any area of your home match the change in season. See a few ideas on how you can decorate your home for spring.

Before you decorate, start with a spring cleaning. A deep clean can eliminate dust and dirt from the areas of your home that aren’t a part of your regular cleaning routine. Contact a cleaning pro today for up to four quotes from cleaners in your area for free.

Freshen Up Your Home

As the warm weather begins to approach, many of us are excited to open our windows for the first time and let the breeze in. However, you may also notice that dust has settled in many places that you didn’t intend to over the last few months. Spring is the perfect time